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New Genealogy Databases

(10/11/07) East Jersey Under the Proprietors (Updated) (Partial Listing)
(10/10/07) Danville Past and Present (Updated) (Partial Listing)
(10/09/07) The Story of Philadelphia (Updated) (Partial Listing)
(10/08/07) Pioneers of Old Hopewell (Updated) (Partial Listing)
(10/07/07) Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol. 3: 1703-1713 (Updated) (Partial Listing)

More Recently Added Databases....

New Historical Maps

(10/02/07) Braddock's Route
(9/08/07) Pennsylvania Purchases From the Indians
(9/02/07) Tidewater Virginia 1622
(8/08/07) Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Layout
(7/31/07) Virginia in 1676
(6/30/07) York River Expansion of Virginia 1630-1635

More Recently Added Maps...

New Photos

Building Photos Last Updated 10/01/07
People Photos Last Updated 9/19/06

Other New Items

(11/12/06) Family Tree of Quaker Groups in Pennsylvania
(3/04/06) Quaker Abbreviations 2
(2/6/06) Research Trip Worksheet - Stay organized on your next trip
Timeline - Track events in your ancestor's life
(1/16/06) Research Worksheet - Track your research for an individual or family


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Roaring Springs Meeting House

Roaring Springs Monthly Meeting House
Columbia County, Pennsylvania
More Recently Added Photos (Updated 10/01/07)

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  • 8/27/07 The North Hills Genealogists Cemetery Index is available. For more info click HERE
  • 8/18/07 FIXES: "Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol. 2" page lix is now fixed.
  • 8/15/07 FIXES: "Catalogue and Errata of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church" page 100 is now working.
  • 8/14/07 FIXES: "History of Maryland" pages 264-271 are now working.
  • 10/24/06 The Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, a registered National Historical site, needs attention. To see what you can do to help and to bring attention to their plight please visit their WEBSITE
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